Felipe Braga and Alice Mei Weekend

For the first time in a long time, we had a workshop in Manchester – hooray! I’d heard so much about Felipe and Alice, but had never been taught by them, so I was so excited for them to come to town.

It was so weird seeing these internationally known teachers just hanging out at our weekly venue – but when they danced, you just couldn’t take your eyes off them. Incredible!


I also got the chance to use my new lens – so here’s Jess.


The Nexus Art Cafe is such a lovely venue, but so hard to shoot – everything is pink and white balance is a nightmare. Despite that, a quiet social meant that I got the chance to photograph some people that don’t always get all of the photos.


But also LOL.


Friday night was quite quiet, but I do love a quiet social to take the chance to take some non-dancing photos.


The workshop days were up there in the best lindy hop workshops I’ve ever taken.  These two made things make sense for me, that had never made sense before. I had so many dancing epiphanies over the two days, I feel like I’m going to be processing the things that I learnt for a very long time. Just in time for the weekend, Manchester decided to bless us with some crazy heat. That didn’t distract too much from the content, though – so it was a great class with extra sweat. #thanksmanchester


The Saturday night social was probably the best atmosphere of any social that I’ve been to before in this city. Thanks to everyone that came, even if it was just for the night. This was just one of the best nights ever.


Of course, it featured a Shakedown competition: “emotional swing outs”. 10/10 performances from all.


Here’s another one of Jess – because she’s great.


One of the best parts about working in Manchester is that I get to work alongside this wonderful lady. Her films are absolutely stunning and she has such a creative eye for video – I totally admire her!


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