My 2018

2018. Where. To. Start. It was busy (as this blog post demonstrates) – if I’m being real, I did too much… so I hope for 2019 to be a touch quieter. I can’t believe how much I achieved and quite how much joy I managed to capture over the past year. Here are a few of my best bits.

This year I did lots of portrait shoots, which is awesome, as it’s something that I was really after improving during 2018. I’m so happy with the results of some of these and I learnt so much from so many great people.

My work with Katie even got featured in a Professional Photographer Magazine, and Tesco used my work to promote their photo printing service!

And there were so many events. I photographed lots of Shakedowns in Manchester and a Christmas party.

I went to Chester a bunch of times too.

I got to do loads of stuff with Mersey Swing, which was awesome.

I also went to Bristol for Bristol Swing Exchange and Bristol Shag Fiesta.

Two of my first ever events were Leeds Swing Exchange and Swing Revs. I was honoured this year to photograph both of them, and I had an absolute blast.

Some really awesome people came to visit us in Manchester and taught some great workshops.

I also got to work the the local charity, Future Perfect, on a pretty amazing project.

I took some 35mm film to Barcelona and had a blast.

And last but very certainly not least: I got to photograph the lovely baby Evelyn.

2019, I’m nervous – but I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

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