Katie Stotter

The critique I often give myself is that I struggle to translate personality and emotion in a non-authentic context. Capturing real emotions during social dancing is absolutely my USP but to bring it out of people when shooting 1:1 isn’t what I have a history of excelling at. I set myself a goal to work on this still, so I couldn’t help but take up the opportunity to work with Katie Stotter. Katie has so much personality and it flows effortlessly through to her dancing — in particular her solo jazz.

Working with her was a dream. For each shot she set herself a dancing challenge: arms, weird shapes, kicks, etc. Every shot was mid-dance and authentic, rather than danced into then posed — I’ve come to much prefer this, it means the shot encompasses all movement right through to the wave of a T-shirt and flick of a ponytail.

For these, I was really inspired by my friend Alex (@ruggedwisdom) and his use of nature to create lovely bokeh effects. Perfect opportunity with so much blossom around.

I love these for the juxtaposition of the monochrome background with the colour pops in the foreground.

You know a shoot will be good when it starts of with a shot like this:

Thanks for being the best, Stotter!

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