2023 life update

Hello! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I’ve been very inactive on here because I’ve been very inactive on the photography front since the C-word. Obviously, I lost all my work during lockdown – but as the world opened I took the plunge to go full-time self-employed in my full-time role as a UX researcher.

I’ve been trying to find a healthy balance between work and downtime, so photography has been lower on the list. I took on a bit too much before lockdown and I was definitely burned out.

I’ll always say yes to the people who supported me in the beginning, and I’m very excited about the festivals that I’ve booked this year — but balance remains key. Please do get in contact about events, I just book up a lot faster than I did before.

I’ve shot loads on film over the past couple of years – I do all of my ‘general life’ stuff on film. I find it easier to just play and have fun, rather than digital. I’m so conditioned to work to a brief and get the perfect shot when I’m on a digital camera. Film is simply a tactile joy. It doesn’t matter what you get back, it’ll probably be beaut anyway. I’ll post some film photo stuff over the next few weeks, as I’ve got loads of gems hidden away.

Photo: Helping hands for James’ house renovations

I haven’t been dancing much – just the odd social here or there. Other hobbies have taken over — I’ve always been into weightlifting, CrossFit, and running – they have formed an even bigger part of my life. And with that, I have acquired some very excellent friends (pictured below), and met my very lovely partner, Niall, there too. I’ve also dipped a toe into the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world and feel like it could be all-consuming if I’m not careful.

Photos: one of many, many Stockport Spartans nights out

With the extra weekend time, I trained for, and ran, a half marathon – something I never ever thought I’d be able to do. When I started running, I couldn’t run for 20 minutes — crazy when you think about progress in that way. I’ve pencilled in a full marathon for 2024, as training for it now seems less effort than the constant explanation of why I don’t think I’ll do a marathon.

I bought a little flat! I’ve become a total homebody and interior addict. Saving for a deposit was always the goal of doing so much photography work. It was the ultimate delayed gratification to finally be able to do it. Below is a lovely painting my beautiful friend Ellen did when I first moved in. Since then, I’ve painted my living room yellow because it is the best colour — there’s not a scrap of beige to be seen throughout the whole place. I would really recommend starting to date a tradesman right as you buy a place. It’s a big help and a real cost saver. (Thanks, Niall heheheh)

Photo: my disco planter/my most coveted item

If you’re in West Didsbury in Manchester, please stop by for a brew, or let’s go to the Met because they have my fave beer on draft.

Photo: Burton Road, West Didsbury

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