Another blog?

I started a blog around 6 months ago when the guy I was dating called me fat – yep, that happened. I started it under a pseudonym and wanted to keep it more like a diary and support system to move on from that and start to build my confidence again. Since then, life got a lot better. I graduated, moved cities, found a whole new bunch of friends, discovered fitness and kept up with lindy hop. I didn’t need it anymore. But, what I do miss is writing about getting fit! Now, I’m not uncomfortable to talk about it, I don’t need a pseudonym – I actually love to talk about it, yet it’s not all I think about.

Although I write about one of my biggest passions, photography, for a living, I wanted to start something where I can just document life – everything I enjoy from CrossFit to baking. I do hope that I can keep up with this, so I’ll be setting myself a schedule and trying to stick with it!

Here’s to the world of blogging…

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