2017: the best of.

Apparently I didn’t get life together in January, so here’s a February 2018 edition of my 2017 roundup.

2017 was a take-off year for me in terms of photography, so I thought I’d put a little something together with a few of my favourite shots from the year. Thank you to all who’ve asked me to attend events and supported me this past year. There are no words for how much I’ve appreciated it.

IMG_5514smallali and shell1IMG_4322IMG_6050IMG_5536IMG_4474IMG_0325IMG_5487smallIMG_1015IMG_3270IMG_7567IMG_1357IMG_2082IMG_4309IMG_7520IMG_0596IMG_2628IMG_3899IMG_4288IMG_2344IMG_7075IMG_4625IMG_6977IMG_3448IMG_1306IMG_6779

I couldn’t help but include these couple from the beautiful John Rylands library. Huge shout out to one of my dearest friends, Jess, for showing us round!

IMG_9978dig revIMG_0049small

For the rest of my work head over to: cheekyrastallphotography.com


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