Mersey Swing Winter Ball

Another year – another whole load of dance events in my photography diary. I’ve decided to try and document these here more often, because I tend to forget where I’ve been and what I’ve done. The Mersey Swing Winter Ball was one of my favourite events that I’ve ever shot. The atmosphere was electric and it was an all-round fantastic group of people.

My good friend Liam finally introduced me to a lovely lady, Kristin, that he’s been very enthusiastically telling me about for quite some time. I was desperate to get some shots of them together before the dance floor filled and my head started to spin for the evening. As it turns out, because they’re both fabulous people, fabulous dancers, and have awesome chemistry, they were just beautiful to photograph on the dance floor. Getting to capture these memories for people is a huge part of why I do this job, to me, nothing is more rewarding than creating a memory of a moment between people –  and it makes it ever-better when it’s people that I’m close to.


Following that, there are always so many displays of pure friendship and care that happen during dances. The feeling of giving someone a big hug after a great dance is one of the best, even though it often encompasses a silent ‘I miss you’.


As well as the soppy moments, I laugh a lot.

IMG_7430.jpgIMG_7296.jpgIMG_7567.jpg(Liam you have made it into a lot of my favourite photos from this night – don’t let it go to your head) 

This event, I tried a few new things, and looked for a few shots that deviate from my usual style. IMG_7075IMG_7329.jpgIMG_7520.jpgI also have to say a huge shoutout to the organisers who asked me to be there, and more importantly put on a fantastic event. I never feel like organisers get the full credit the deserve for the work that goes into these things, but Mersey Swing always seem to pull off a phenomenal time. Great job guys.


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