Leeds Swing Exchange 2018

I was super-honoured this year to be asked to photograph at Leeds Swing Exchange. LSX was my first-ever full weekend event as a dancer, so it’s one that’s really close to my heart. But more importantly, this weekend was a weekend full of people who I adore but don’t get to see too often. My face hurt from smiling on Friday night and it was just a pleasure to see people.

It also filled my heart with joy to hear: “I really thought about the lighting in the venue so that it’s good for photos” from the event organiser. Thank you, Helen. Just thank you for a really beautiful photography experience!


Note: I don’t know this guy, but he had more energy than I’ve ever seen from a human ever. Kudos to this guy. What a legend. I love to photograph people who are just living their best life and absolutely going for whatever they do – this guy was the epitome of that.


Saturday – adventurer theme! Again, the nicest light I’ve ever known in this venue. I’ve shot here a few times now but this is was the easiest lighting conditions. Just lovely, and the beer is so cheap!


The ridiculous competitions are one of my favourite parts of LSX, I never know what to expect. When I was prepped on this one, my initial and only reaction was: ‘how on Earth do I prep for that?’ IMG_3308IMG_3336

But also just when you think you’ve photographed it all – you get Boaty McBoatface dancing lindy hop with a climber while executing the classic egg and spoon. Why not? A+ costume from Ms Bradley, here.


However, just slightly pipped to the post by Annie representing one of my all-time favourite books.


Sunday – the best light of them all! (Is this blog post just a small love-letter to great event lighting?) I’m going to admit – I have had a pretty painful back injury over the past few weeks, and it really came to a head this night. I will post about working while injured at some point, but man this night hurt. Big thanks to everyone for making it a laugh and keeping me working through the pain!


By the end of a 4 day event, I really feel it. That extra day of concentration is always hard, but this event was an absolute pleasure. I loved getting the chance to explore the Thackray too.


You smashed it, Helen! Thank you for a most brilliant weekend.


Also a big thanks to this wonderful lady – she is a phenomenal sports masseur. She really helped me out this weekend and I’d recommend What Knots all day long!


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