Bristol Swing Exchange 2018

Bristol is always a really happy place for me. I love to go down to work – there are always so many people I adore down there and and I always have the best time. The swing exchange was a new event for me, and it of course comes with my event nerves.

This weekend brought another first for me, though, and that was being approached by people who told me that they follow my work on social media/read this blog. That’s never happened before, and it was a crazy experience. I am absolutely humbled by it and appreciate it no end. Thanks all for expressing enjoyment in what I do – because it makes it all worth it.

It’s always a relief to know that the first night is in a venue that I’ve shot in before. Except this time, it came with air conditioning and more lighting. Huzzah!

I got to meet friends of friends for the very first time, which is always lovely.


As well as catching up with some of my favourite people.


And getting to see some unexpected faces from home.


I absolutely love a good jam circle, and I was treated to that one the first night. (It even contained some top-notch flossing.)


Saturday daytime boasted the most fantastic pirate tour of Bristol by Ed. We were so lucky that it fell on open Bristol, and we got to explore places that are almost always locked away to the public. An real treat!

Saturday also boasted an unreal band. The biggest compliment of them all was me deciding to sit down and listen to them, rather than dance.


I was in love with the Saturday night venue. This crazy church turned night club – absolutely beautiful! Another first, is a band member asking me to take photos on their camera. Such a strange little request – I just couldn’t say no.


Sunday’s always sleepy. And it’s always nice to go home at the end of the weekend. Super weekend, super band, and super people.


Also big thanks to this chap – always a joy to see this guy. Wicked friend, host and all-round good egg.

Ed Barrow: father of chicken, super-host, event organiser extraordinaire, collegiate shag official hype man, talc distributor.




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