Russell Howard and Friends

Last week, I got the chance to be part of Future Perfect and Sonder’s event, Russell Howard and Friends. My initial thought was: “oh, that’s great, it’s something I get to do that’s not just dancing”, but this event was so, so much more than that.

Getting to know the people behind the charity, and the emotions behind this event really struck home for me. Future Perfect is a community project that encourages art therapy to support people through cancer treatment and mental distress. It was originally founded by Lee Wyatt, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 25. Lee’s parents have continued on his legacy and are raising so much money to help his cause.

I got chance to sit with Lynda, Lee’s mum, for a while on Wednesday night and I can honestly say she was one of the most lovely people I’ve ever met. Her story absolutely melted my heart and her overwhelming love for what Lee created was really touching. I couldn’t help but spill how much the cause is relevant to my life and my loved ones right now – and getting to know the story of it all made this day of work probably the most meaningful one of my photographic career. Thanks for existing, Future Perfect, and thanks for all your amazing work.

This event gave the best opportunity to capture the candid, behind the scenes shots that I love. I really enjoy the front of house stuff, but there’s nothing better than being there with the real emotions in the moments backstage. This event was an emotional rollercoaster, and backstage was a mixture of nerves, laughs and preparation.


All of these comics did a fantastic set, and it was such a good night to watch as well as shoot. Thanks all for a brilliant night!



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