Mersey Swing Smackdown 2018

Another year, another Smackdown! Liverpool is definitely up there in my favourite cities to shoot and to dance. The vibe is always great and the Scousers know how to have a good time. It’s also always great to shoot an event closer to home, because I know they’ll be filled with people I know and people I really care about. I love to get the chance to photograph my friends on the dance floor, as it makes me so happy to translate their wonderful personalities into images.


Another great thing about the Smackdown is that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and that includes the competitions. It’s such an inclusive atmosphere that encourages everyone – of every level – to get up and have a go.


A huge shout out to MC Alicia, who did a stellar job over the weekend!


And to the amazing bands.


Finally, a quick apology to my weekend doppelgänger, Sabrina – sorry so many people asked if you were photographing the event and where you camera was on Friday night! But hooray for your newbie comp win! Amazing!


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