Three weeks ago, my friend Sarah gave birth to a beautiful little lady, Evelyn. I offered some photos as my gift, rather than to buying a physical thing. Creating memories is my main purpose as a photographer, so a teeny-tiny Evelyn was the perfect thing to document.

Unusually for someone who has worked in kids TV for so long, I don’t have a maternal bone in my body. I was totally intimidated by how small Evelyn was – do babies break?! What do they dream of?! What are they thinking?! How do you know how they’re feeling?! Luckily, Sarah is the most natural mum – she’s just amazing. And Tom is just brilliant too. They’re already just the best parents. Evelyn is so, so loved. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off Evelyn the whole time. She’s so beautiful… like, I never thought babies came that beautiful. And she’s so expressive – she really is a little person with a big personality already (at three weeks old!). 

She’s had a long, hard three weeks of being a human – growing, pooping, eating, being cuddled – so she was fast asleep for most of my visit, but I did get some moments with her being semi-conscious. 

I feel so privileged to have met her already and I’m just so, so, so happy for Sarah and Tom. They’re the best people and Evelyn is so lucky to be brought into such a happy and loving family. I can’t wait to see her grow up and what life has in store for her – she’s going to be a sassy one, for sure!

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