Chester Christmas Party 2018

Christmas came around again all too quickly – and it doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was last in Chester taking photos at their 2017 Christmas party. There’s always a little piece in my heart for Chester, as they were the first local scene to really support me as a photographer and trust in my work. I love to go down to their events, because even though I’m not based there, it kinda feels like another dance home for me.

I was a little emotional that night with quite a bit of personal stuff going on, but it was the perfect night to be dealing with it all. These gals make me feel just at home at their events, and treat me like I’m Swing Cats family. But also big thanks to my hometown buddy, Ben, for also being a bit of an ear that night too. Ben also made the fatal error of saying that he never seems to come away from events with any decent photos of himself. (That’s how to make absolutely sure you’re the subject of lots of my images from that moment on.)

Chester’s a relatively recently reborn scene, so it’s pretty small. I love to see how enthusiastic everyone is to really spark the love of dance there, and that often means so much role switching. It’s amazing to see so many people having a go at leading and following!

Thanks again for another lovely year, Chester. It’s always a pleasure, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for you!

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