SwingOut Manchester Christmas 2018

Another Christmas do of 2018! But this time it was in my home town! I don’t often do photographs in Manchester, yet I seem to photograph all of my home town dancers all over the country anyway. I only had my camera with me for a small section of the night this time, as I wanted to celebrate Christmas with everybody, so here are just a few of my highlights.

Getting to see so many of my favourite people, who aren’t always around every week.

And, of course getting to photograph some of my good friends and our die hard Manc crowd.

I love the Shakedown competitions on these nights – they’re always ridiculous and such a laugh. This time was Christmas props. I know there was lots of couples there, but I just couldn’t take my eyes of Victoria and Felix with their carrots. Their dance was creative genius.

Thanks for another year, SwingOut Manchester!

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