Kardi Blac

Photographing drag has been a bucket list thing for me for ages – and I’ll admit, I was nervous. It’s so different from anything that I’ve done before and I really wanted to do it justice. I was so excited to be put in touch with Kardi (Charlie) by my colleague, Joe, and my head was swimming with ideas before they’d even said they would be up for collaborating with me.

I’m so pleased with the results of this day. We didn’t have that much daylight left (because I drastically miscalculated how much time it would take for us to get out and about) but the neon of Chinatown and Canal Street work perfectly with Kardi’s look. It was a real creative challenge for me to think about unusual light sources and play with bold colour of unconventional light. I’ll definitely be doing more of this with my regular, swing dance work in the future.

I suck at makeup, so I was absolutely fascinated by this whole process. I had no idea what exactly went into drag makeup but I feel heckin’ educated.

Also a huge shout out to glamorous assistant, vape distributor and all-round legend, Joe.

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