Nottingjam 2019

Nottingjam is back! And I felt really honoured to be asked to do the photos for it. It was a really cute, small event that was so so friendly. It was great to see so many new dancers throwing themselves into classes and socials with so much enthusiasm and joy. I think enthusiasm was the overall theme of the weekend.

I was also so, so excited to be there with one of my best pals, Danielle – we’ve never taught shag together before but it went super-well and I was so thankful to be able to share the experience with her.

The teaching lineup was full of A++ humans with Pete and Steph, Cat and Cam, Matt and Nancy. Good job Nottingjam for picking such a bunch of diamonds of humans.

Also shout out to Nancy for how many classes she made do the YMCA over the weekend.

I was also so excite to see Jon as the DJ. He’s one of my absolute favourite DJs and I know I’m going. To have a cracking night when he’s in charge of tunes. Y’all should ask him to do your events too.

Steph reacts to chocolate like we should all react to chocolate.

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