Aunty Ginger

I’ve been really behind on my blog of late — I have so many things I should write about but I’m starting with this shoot for Aunty Ginger. This is out of real-life chronological order, but with it being pride month I feel like it’s a good one to start with.

I’m incredibly lucky to have had a life with so many LGBTQ+ figures in my life (being Hebden Bridge born and bred will give you that blessing). I love to be around people who are at peace with their sexuality and who they are, so I’m really at home in the company of drag queens. I’m so pleased that drag shoots are making their way into my work — I can’t wait to do more with queens in the future and showcase the art of drag.

Aunty brought so many ideas and creativity to this day, it was a joy to work with and allowed me to let them take a some creative control and give me the role of facilitating their vision.

I’ve been trying to learn more about colour theory of late (inspired by my incredibly talented artist friend, Broady). I was hoping to put some of it into action in this shoot but it became ‘all of the colours, everywhere’.

Shout out to the Peer Hat, who saw us taking photos outside and insisted on us using the bar as a location.

One of the missions for this shoot was: “loads of mundane shit… but in drag”. I love the oxymorons of this shoot — so playful, creative and fun to execute.

My favourite part of this shop is the person casually going about their day in the background.

I always feel like I have one eye in the back of my head when I’m out with a queen in the daytime, as I’d be so upset if something happened or some twat said something. It was so nice for everyone to be so welcoming, helpful and excited for us to use their venue. I wasn’t expecting this barber to be up for it, but it was such a pleasant surprise when they were so game for us to go inside and take some silly photos.

In working with dancers, I don’t often get people who are hugely confident in front of a camera. It was a new experience for me to have someone so up for posing and playing up to the role. I really want to come with more pose ideas and things that push out of the box in preparation for next time.

3 thoughts on “Aunty Ginger

  1. Wow, I love this shoot. It’s bursting with so much fun and you’ve totally nailed your brief. I love all your photos (as a southern swing dance photographer it’s nice to find someone else doing the same) but the drag shoots that you have done are really great. Hope to see some more soon!


    1. Ah thank you ❤ Definitely come say hi if we're ever at an event together! I love to meet other dance photographers!


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