Airedale Swing Festival 2019

I’m so behind on my blog, and I’m sorry!

To start this one — a word of appreciation for the volunteers that keep the swing dance scene alive. It’s people like Airedale Swing Festival’s organiser, Mark, who do so much to build a community and put on events that keep swing dance so alive and vibrant. Mark does bloody loads for his local community and is one of the best scene leaders I know.

Also a huge shout out to Mark’s wife Angi, who did loads to make this festival happen, despite not even being a dancer. What a babe!

I was really nervous going into this weekend because it was all in the same venue. For me, that runs a super-high risk of everything looking the same. Also, if the venue has awful lighting — you’re bloody stuck with it. Lucky, this was pretty varied over the weekend so my nightmares didn’t come true.

This is a very different set of images to a lot of my work. I love my jam circle and competition shots, but this pushed me to capture much more general social dancing and moments between people.

I got to meet baby Amelia for the first time this weekend too! What a little beauty she is!

Thanks for letting me be part of your first weekend, Airedale!

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