Danny Gruff

Note: Danny plays lots of gigs in Manchester and all over the country. Keep an eye on his show dates. Mancs, 17 July, 3 minute theatre — go get your tickets!

I’ve known Danny for years and have worked on all sorts of random bits and bobs with him like this rando video when I was at uni. I was so excited when he moved up to Manchester recently and got in touch about a shoot.

Being new to Manchester meant that Danny was subject to an unsolicited tour of the city. We went literally everywhere and I had absolutely no chill.

First stop: Rylands library. I’ve been fortunate enough to have this whole place all to myself to do a shoot before. This time I obviously didn’t but that doesn’t matter — you are guaranteed good shots regardless.

Spinningfields also featured. I always feel like I should be able to get so much more from this area of Manchester but never seem to be able to get my head around it creatively.

Danny obviously enjoyed the shoot so much he tried to bail out into the canal.

Then onto Castlefield for a pint. This bit of Manchester is one of my favourites. I know it’s so overshot but I love that each time you visit you can find something new. I’ve also been trying to put more awareness of colour into my work and I think these few showed a bit more awareness of that.

Next stop: Canal Street and Sackville Gardens — another favourite photo shoot spot of mine.

Final stop: NQ. It transpired that Danny doesn’t watch GoT but the Arya mural was less than a week old so it’d be rude not to get this shot, right?

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