My 2019

I’ve been radio silent since I don’t know when, November? October? Let me catch you up on what’s been going on. 

My life is pretty hectic (but who’s isn’t, were in 2020, being busy is cool) — I still work full time, do all my photography, write quite a bit, have my regular freelance marketing client Red Pill Training, and train in my spare time. Surprisingly, I still don’t drink coffee, even though some days I wish I could inject it straight into my veins. 

Anyway — 2020 is looking mad already even though I said that I was going to keep my time a bit more free. There will likely be a fair bit of travel for Red Pill, and I’m changing my full-time job in February. So, I think I can kiss goodbye to that less hectic year that I’d planned. 

But anyway, in this rare moment I have to reflect, here’s some stuff that happened in 2019/some of my favourite work: 

I started this blog with my drag queen work, but think I should actually start with the work I’ve done for my home scene this year (that I WILL do individual blogs for at some point), yeaaaaah Manchester. Also DID YOU KNOW, we have a festival this year?! Check out Manchester Swing Festival 2020.

Spoiler: This is actually just a Katy Coope appreciation post

If you know me, you know I love drag and I have had the chance to work with a couple of incredible queens this year. If you’re in the North West, make sure you look out for Kardi Black and Aunty Ginger, they both know how to put on a killer performance. I hope I’m going to do a lot more drag work this year. I blooming love it.

Jam circles! You probably know they’re my favourite thing too

I should really give a section to performances and competitions so here goes

But to be honest, the best stuff that happens at festivals is all the other stuff:

(I photographed my first swing dance boat trip this year too, thanks to Bristol Shag Fiesta)

I also worked with some exceptional musicians, including working at Manchester Jazz Festival.

Also photographed my old uni pal, Dan’s wedding!

I’m sure there are so many photos, but I think this is long enough already. Let’s go, 2020!

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