Freelancers Available

Work is a weird time during COVID-19, so here’s my smorgasbord of talented friends and what they do. Please feel free to contact them, or contact me and I can put you in touch. If you want to be added to this, message me. Also if you have suggestions about how I can better organise this, please let me know.

ALEXANDER BISDEE-WARD – Photographer and writer

ALICE FARELL – Seamstress, can offer repairs and pick up/drop off within Manchester

ALICIA BROKENBROW – Swing dance instructor

AUNTY GINGER – Drag queen, all time legend

CAM MITCHELL – Lindy hop teacher, audio editor, all round paperwork geek, and voice over


CATERINA GENTILI – Online solo jazz courses and spreadsheet magic

Danielle Ainsworth-Patrick – Baker, potential Skype baking/decorating lessons. Also proofreading and crotchet skills

ELIZABETH WAIGHT – Events organiser

HANNAH SANDERSON – Singing teacher and voice actor, can teach via Skype and record from home.

GEORGIE RASTALL – Photographer, writer, and marketing

JEFF JOSEPHINE DESIGNS – /Sophie Dawson – Illustrator, printmaker, potter (also handy with a sewing machine.)

JIM WYNN – Piano teacher, composer, arranger. Tuition available

JOCELYN HARVEY – Counsellor, can offer Skype sessions

JORDAN MACOSKO – Floral arranging, musical instruments (ukulele, flute, piano), and editor (bachelor’s in History).

JORINE BECK – Creative therapist

KATIE COBALT –  Online lindy hop and jazz classes and they have a brand new patreon!

KATIE CROOKS – Singer/voice teacher. Hypnotherapist.

KATIE TEESDALE-WARD – Confidence coach and motivator.

KRYSTAN-GRACE SHARPE-YOUNG – Artist. Online classes and 15% off commissions

NATHAN ROACH – Photographer (specialising in live music, events, weddings)

TINA ROPCKE – Owner of Earth Tribe Products (lavender and flax seed filled eye pillows and neck wraps and heat packs – all to help with relaxation and aches and pains)

SANDY LEWIS – Dance instructor, former English teacher

SARAH SPOON – Dance instructor, DJ, social media management

SUZANNE GRUBHAM – Dance and pilates instructor

WINDY WARDLAW – DJ and event organiser

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