Whitby on expired film

Way back when I worked at Bauer Media, I found a box of film that had been expired by nearly 20 years. My editor told me to chuck it but I was way too intrigued to find out what you could do with it and what it’d look like if you got it developed.

The first roll I used was years ago (you can see the results here) β€”Β it was so hit and miss and the exposures were all over the place. I thought ‘oh that was nice, but I’m not going to use that again’. I didn’t realise this was a roll of it and took it away with me on a family holiday to Whitby last year. I assumed there’d be nothing on it so it’s been sat waiting to be developed for a year.

I don’t know whether the person who developed it was better, or if I’m just an all-round better film photographer now. Both are possible. Anyway, I am so pleased with the results of this.

The guy who developed it was just as exited as me to see these results. I love the way the blue pigment has come through as it’s expired and warped. The colours are so crazy and unpredictable. I don’t think I could edit a digital to be this other-worldly even if I tried.

2 thoughts on “Whitby on expired film

  1. Have you done any digital editing in these? The framing is spot on, and great to get so many lovely shots in a single roll!
    (Plus Whitby looks beaut!)


    1. No digital editing at all! And no darkroom editing either. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I am so pleased with how they came out. Oh Whitby IS beaut. Would recommend πŸ™‚


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