Krakow on film

I went to Dragon Swing for the first time this year and I’ve been waiting to get these photos developed for so long!

And although trying to get photos of the dance floor was quite a pretty disaster…

I had a great time just photographing bits and bobs from my trip. I love to shoot on film when I’m out an about — it keeps me in love with photography. There’s something beautiful and tangible about film and it has a feeling with every photo that’s just not possible with a digital image.

We didn’t see too much of Krakow — I totally underestimated now nocturnal and generally tired we’d be for the whole trip — but it meant that we did most of our exploring in the most perfect light.

I cant remember what this multiple exposure was, but I love the sky in this one.

Sophia and I also made the trip to Auschwitz. I feel like it’s somewhere that you should absolutely see and experience once in your lifetime. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

I try to take photos of my friends and the mundane stuff when I’m working with film. It’s these memories that I want to look back on afterwards.

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